About Poontz

Poontz, the Boise, Idaho rapper formerly known as “OG”, was born in Penjamo,
Guanajuato, Mexico. At the age of three, he immigrated to the United States on
his mother’s back. Having grown up in and around gang life, he quickly started to see life from a different point of view and began to write about it. Music became his release. Having seen too many of his friends and family members succumb to the pitfalls of society, he decided to give hope and motivation to others through music. As reflected in Poontz’s music, one message rings loud and clear: everyone is worthy of giving themselves more in life— no matter where someone comes from, or what has happened to them. Poontz, who started his rap career at the age of 17, says that his main influences
are Chicano rappers like Mr. Shadow, Lil Rob, and Mr Lil One. He also states he
finds inspiration from other artists such as The Game and Dr. Dre because those were the rappers he was exposed to at a young age. In means of style, Poontz is known to bring a 90’s west coast influence to his beats and a little bit of east coast in his flow. Some people have said he sounds like Mack 10, SPM, and Big Pun. Others say that he has the cadence and flow of Meek Mill and the love, pain, and heart of Memphis Bleek.
Poontz has shared the stage with artists like Mozzy, Mark Battles, and Young
Drummer Boy. He has headlined his own sold out shows in both Boise and Idaho Falls, including popular venues such as Treefort Music Festival, Jefito Hats Lowrider Car Show, and Day Ones Music Festival.
Poontz will be the first to say that being a rap artist in Boise isn’t easy, but that is
not what he focuses on. Always leaning towards the positive, Poontz states he keeps his focus on what is possible.
“Poontz is one of the few doing it right”
Jason Ringlersetter “Engineer/Mixer/Producer” @ The Tonic Room
Recording and Mastering Studios (Missed Calls)
“Poontz is a legend”
Mac Dylan “Engineer/Mixer/Producer” @ CTRL Beats (Great & Grateful EP)
As a true independent and unsigned artist, Poontz releases all his music without
any major label distribution on all platforms. His debut Album, “LEGENDARY” released on July 22nd 2022. For this project, he has been working closely with Kras @ Wave Media and Mac Dylan @ CTRL Studios, and, as always, has been influenced by years of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.
Poontz is also featured alongside upcoming artists like “Might
Just Win” by TNYG and, “Interlude” feat Chame. His 1st EP, “Great & Grateful” can be found on all platforms and includes fan favorites such as, “Dreams” and, “Never Stoppin”. 
Despite his notable music career in the Boise rap scene, Poontz still states his
biggest accomplishments include being a father, becoming a US Citizen and
making a difference for  himself and for others through music. He works hard with the hope to inspire others like him.
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Royal Blue Podcast Interview
On this episode of the Royal Blue Podcast your host Trigga sits down with Skilly Waves & Poontz. They discuss being Latino in the music game, life and so many other topics. Make sure to follow Skilly Waves on FB Skilly Waves | Facebook Listen to his music on Spotify. Follow Poontz on Facebook (3) Poontz | Facebook . Follow Royal Blue Podcast on Spotify & Youtube Podcast filmed at Royal Blue Studios Hosted By Trigga Flores Filmed by I-Konick Productions
Poontz! Our guest this Episode is artist and rapper " POONTZ"! The 1st Generation Chicano, speaks on how his love of arts has led him to a world of music, the measure of success and his definition of the word. Full of fire and the urge to never stop reaching for his goals, all in the world of his career, life, and music! Join in and listen to Poontz, in his visit at the 12 Rounds Podcast! Also available to listen here: Spotify: @ZW8OR4xMhrYADgqk5CUn Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast...
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